William Vaughn

Arch Linux First Steps

This follows my last post Arch Linux on my Lenovo t470s with more details about my own personal setup with Arch Linux. I use GNOME and really like it, if you’re new to Linux I think it’s a comfortable entry into the space, and if you’re not new it’s still extremely ergonomic, capable and comfortable.

Enable system NetworkManager

systemctl enable NetworkManager
systemctl start NetworkManager
nmtui # terminal ui to activate and connect to wifi

Install zsh

pacman -S zsh

User and groups setup


useradd -m -g wheel -s /usr/bin/zsh <USERNAME>
passwd <USERNAME>

Go edit the sudoers file with EDITOR=vim visudo and comment out the %wheel line. It will add all users in the wheel group to the sudoers.

Install gnome and gnome-extra


pacman -S gnome gnome-extra

Enable gdm https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GDM

systemctl enable gdm.service

Should see the GNOME login managed by gdm.

Now in order for ``totem`` to work aka GNOME Videos app to play H256 mp4 vids install ``gst-libav``

sudo pacman -S gst-libav

install firefox and firefox-developer-edition


pacman -S firefox firefox-developer-edition

install python3


Setup git, github and gitlab

Need xclip

pacman -S xclip